Easily absorbable, agile and effective Calcium for fruits!

In citrus fruit markets, physical appearance and quality characteristics such as size, shape, colour, consistency, sugars and post-harvest duration are closely linked to consumer preferences, thus significantly influencing the economic value of the fruit. Both the maintenance and the enhancement of these characteristics are a primary cultivation objective for producers.

Today, the possibility of using specific plant nutrient formulations as a sustainable and powerful cultivation tool is evolving rapidly, contributing significantly to maintaining and increasing the quality aspects of agricultural production and thus bringing agricultural products closer to markets and consumers.

For Phytothreptiki, innovation is a fundamental feature of its identity. We have developed a complete range of cutting-edge fertilization products with high flexibility and technological advantage. In this range, products stand out, which aim to enhance quantitative and qualitative characteristics of crops and are perfectly integrated into citrus interfoliar application programs.

CALCIFOL DF is a specially formulated Calcium nutrition product, for inter-foliar applications, with enhanced assimilation.

It is based on a unique 56% composition of Calcium Formate, a formulation which ensures maximum absorption through the foliage. Calcium as a key component of cell walls enhances fruit consistency, quality characteristics and metachromaticity.

What do we gain by applying CALCIFOL DF?

General dosage for use: 150 gr/stremma, through inter-foliar application.