Viomix Calcifol

Viomix Calcifol

Specialised Phosphorus and Calcium complex nutrition product


Viomix Calcifol is a special Phosphorus and Calcium nutrition product, enriched with liquid Nitrogen. It is suitable for crops requiring Phosphorus and Calcium nutrients, but also for crops where colouring is an important commercial advantage.

Applications of Viomix Calcifol, help to accelerate the ripening of fruits, but also protect them from the appearance of physiological abnormalities such as “bitter pit” in apples, “dry top” in tomatoes, “internal browning”, etc. Viomix Calcifol, by strengthening the cell walls of the fruit through calcium, protects against cracking, induces colouring processes and increases the post-harvest duration of the fruit.


The specialised composition of Viomix Calcifol guarantees:

– A product with a high phosphorus and calcium content.

– A liquid preparation with easy mixing even in small quantities of water.

– It is completely safe in the recommended doses.

– Easy to use.

– Compatible with standard plant protection products.


Viomix Calcifol, applied by means of a foliar application, is suitable for use on all crops.


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package 17-5Lt
package 20-3Lt
package 25-1Lt



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